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About Sedona Floral Designers Peter and Gari Richardson

Peter Gould Richardson lived and worked in NYC as a painters assistant and in galleries, and then in the floral industry. He earned his BFA from School of Visual Arts and Master of Fine Arts from Yale University. He is from Cumberland, Maryland.

Building his NYC styled studio in Lake Montezuma in 2000, he became a full time resident in 2006. Peter opened Sedona Fine Art of Flowers in November of 2011.

Gari Gold Richardson  is from New York, NY. Pursuing the arts as a youngster, dancing, drawing and  participating in school and community art programs she later earned her BFA from School of Visual Arts in NYC, learned ancient method jewelry making at Kulick-Stark Academy and became a published author in 1987. It seems that multiple art forms have always been her interest her and continue to fill her life.

Moving to Sedona in 1988, she worked in galleries as well as taught classical ballet and hatha yoga, and initiated an on going work, the Ivatos Project, an art piece with concurrent purposes. Now, her efforts are directed in making Sedona Fine Art of Flowers a success.

Above in the photo carousel is

Peter and Gari in their shops backyard in a portrait by Mark Nelson of Mark Nelson Photography.

Next we see Peter in a self portrait in front of his painting "Sunset On A Corner" in 1976. (If you are wondering why he looks so serious, the photo was done outdoors to capture the painting in natural light. It was winter, and it was 6 degrees. He's not serious, he's just trying not to shivver.)

A watercolor of Gari and Peter's younger cousin in 1973, by Peter.

Lastly, Gari and Peter in front of Courthouse and Bell Rock near the shop in a photo by Mark Nelson of Mark Nelson Photography.

About us

Peter and Gari met in New York City as undergrads at School of Visual Arts. After graduation, Peter went to Yale University for his Masters in Painting and Gari pursued dance as well as writing, jewelry and illustration work.

Peter came back to NY and drove a cab for a while and shortly, took a position as a delivery man at a cutting edge florist. “Persephonie” was in need of more than just delivery and he was making bouquets before too many weeks had past. Peter stayed in the floral business for about 30 years, working in shops in Gramercy Park, the Upper East side and later as a free lance designer. He did arrangements for celebrities of the stage, screen as well as the music business. Peter created atmosphere for high profile NYC department stores and museums. This diversity of experience gives Peter a unique spectrum of experience that he now brings to his own shop serving Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek.

Peter came to the Verde Valley seeking studio space for his large (and we do mean large) format paintings and because family and close family friends had preceded him. His Uncle, Bud Gould had retired to Sedona after a tenure at NAU as Head of the Music department. Many still remember Bud and Imy, his wife, fondly as active Sedona community members in the cultural and political scene.

Gari, like a character in one of her short stories, “followed her heart, followed her nose, and followed her tale”. After gathering all she could absorb of the arts, dance and yoga she yearned for a less urban life with more sky and opportunity to be in nature. After some looking around, she moved to Sedona from New York in 1988.

One central interest Peter and Gari share is a love of music. Peter's instrument is the piano and Gari's is oboe. When you stop by the shop, you can visit Peter's shop piano, a Bishops and Sons 150 year old piano they had refurbished for the shop.

The shop is a great blend and balance of the talents of Peter with Gari.

What each of the couple knows and excels in, balances and complements the other. Both are trained artists, and they both have a lifetime dedicated to making and sharing their vision of style and beauty. When you use Sedona Fine Art of Flowers for an event or an individual arrangement, or when selecting a gift from the shop, you are getting two people focused on their work for you. Their best effort is always what you can expect because they love beauty.

Meet Peter and Gari Richardson,

owners and designers of Sedona Fine Art of Flowers.