A centerpiece for a round table or a long table. Very bridal in color and flower types. The natural birch bark container is one of our favoirtes and this arrangement makes an easy transition to one of the guests hotel rooms as a keepsake or favor.

A crisp white cloth and a bright color pallet of flowers for an under the trees summer wedding day. It was perfection.

Table Centerpieces Sedona Fine Art of Flowers

A footed mercury vase is a statement piece and very elegant. Shown displayed in our shop (mini blinds are a clue) this is a smaller version of another larger footed vase on this page.

Casual yet elegant is what Sedona does best. Although the table is in progress of being set, the variety and colors bring the outdoors in. A touch of succulent and red rock tones in a black glass container.

Bar-B-Q seems to require red checks and red checks seem to require sunflowers. Birch bark containers and enough flowers to dress up your casual seating.Bright garden flowers here include red roses and a wild flower look.

Another way to do long and low, as a runner down a long table. More exciting and opulent than a garland and surprisingly more affordable to grace the table. Choose lilies to pop visually and really impress.

Small and lovely, in a cube. Place several on a long table or just the right size for a table that seats 4 to 6 guests.

table arrangements for your sedona celebration table

Something special for the sweetheart table or the dais. Peonies and roses in a golden container. Low, lovely and reaching. Peonies come in a range of color, and are somewhat seasonal as to availability and pricing.

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Another way to go is to have wedding table pieces double as aisle decoration. Arrangements hug from a shepherds hook for the ceremony, then to the table. This works especially well at specific venues. Let's talk about what works best at the venue you have booked.

Purples and whites punctuate and cordinate well with the look of lavender gowns and navy or black.

A dinner being set up. Colors bring the landscape indoors in color and style.

Set the table for family and friends in Sedona style. Easy going and reflective of the  landscapes desert beauty that seems to beckon to us all to call Sedona home.