Menu of Rose Delights
Classic Red Roses - Arranged in a Vase

A single rose in a bud vase $15. in store only
1/2 dozen    $55.
1 dozen       $95.
18 roses     $145.
2 dozen      $180.
Choose from babies breath or limonium or waxflower accents. Babies breath shown.

Call for other rose color availability. Prices for "other than red" and for a mix of colors below.
A single rose in a vase  $12. in store only

1/2 dozen    $55.
1 dozen       $85.
 18 roses     $135.
2 dozen      $165.

Mixed flower Spring Arrangements for Valentine’s Day Week
Small    $60.
Bigger   $75.
Biggest  $95.

Add a box of Price’s handmade candy. Pictured below.
Choose from - Assorted Chocolate Truffels or

Dark Chocolate Covered Almond Toffee Squares
Your choice. $16. each
Smiley Face
chocolate truffles - three to a box $12. per box

Delivery charges are $15. to West Sedona and $10. to Chapel, Uptown, and the Village.
Yavapai county sales tax applies.

Sedona Fine Art of Flowers

Simply Beautiful Flowers

928 284-2331

60 W. Cortez Drive Sedona, AZ 86351


Smiley Faces are back! Three truffles to a box.  $12.

Valentine's Special!A fun unexpected gift that says "oooh la la".

1/2 dozen red roses with a Champagne Bottle Candle $65.

1/2 dozen red roses with 2 Voluspa scented candles $70.

all prices are before tax and delivery

Sedona Fine Art of Flowers

Simply Beautiful Flowers

928 284-2331

60 W. Cortez Drive Sedona, AZ 86351


Open Sunday Feb. 12

for delivery and to take your order

See "Specials" below

Mixed Flower Spring Arrangement in the spirit of the day. $95. as shown.

Our plush for a blush?

We have a wonderful selection of soulful bears from $10- $75. Add to your flowers for a lasting impression. Shown is a plush bear (right for prople not on a phone) that is 14" high seated height and our biggest bear is 24" seated height. $25 and $75.

About our offering - Red roses are traditional expression of love and passion, but if you favor pink, white, yellow or orange, we can do that too.

We sell only long stemmed roses for Valentine’s Day and everyday because they are nicer. Long stemed roses are more mature, the rose blossoms are larger and more majestic than their short stemmed less expensive varieties.Yes, our flowers are more expensive but they are a different and better quality than you get at the supermarket.

Price’s candies have been hand picked by us for the ones you love because of their fresh natural ingredients, their handmade attention to detail, and their memorable packaging. Everything about Price’s candies says, “I care.”.

Please look to our flower care page, in particular “rose care” on that page.
If your roses begin to droop at the head, they are not "dying", the roses are signaling they cannot get enough water and need to be re-cut. Give a fresh cut with a knife on an angle and make sure stems are fully submerged in fresh water. A scissor cut will press the straw-like stem of the rose shut, and the rose has trouble drinking.

Sedona Fine Art of Flowers is here to take your Valentine’s Day order.

928 284-2331

It's faux Leopard but really wild!

above - Six piece assorted chocolate

  truffles.  $16.

Mrs. Weinstein's

dark chocolate covered almond

toffee squares with a light sea salt sprinkle.  $16.