We call this style of arrangement "Zen". Sometimes the descriptive name is more playful and sometimes more artful. We always take the design and the flowers and the delivery to heart.

This style is done typically in a low square container. The larger designs with more flowers require a larger container, usually a large black or silvered cube.

Always a beautiful display of flowers, the "Zen" is designed with the elements of design as learned by Peter in art school and when studying Ikabana flower design. It is safe to say, Peter has made the design his own.

Appropriate for all occasions, the Zen has a meditative quality that seems to be welcome everywhere. We have delivered the Zen for: new business welcoming, congratulations, get well, best wishes, thank you, sympathy and even a duet of Zens as wedding arrangements on pedestals.

You will find Zen arrangements scattered through my pages, but I'm trying to gather them on this page so there may be duplicates. This page is meant to make "Zen Shopping" easier.

Note: All photos are taken on the same old piano stool. You can use it for size comparisons.

Yes, it's our "little black dress". It goes every where, looks great everywhere and most of all makes you look great. Give us a call at 928 284-2331 to order a Zen arrangement for your gallery opening, front office, wedding pedestals, get well, happy birthday, happy anniversary, memorial celebration, we think you get the idea.

Every Zen in unique, we will make an arrangement very similar to one you fall in love with but... what makes the Zen so special is we get a chance to allow for the serendipity of life to really play into what special flower, leaf, stick or branch we have on hand. As with most arrangements, we take photos. Let us share the Zen experience. Just mention that you'd love a photo.

Tropical Forest of soft pink and buttery yellow A large, even commanding arrangement in most delicate of colors. Cymbidium, phaleonopsis, and oncidium orchids are offset with Banksia protea, green hydrangea with some roses. Market prices may apply, about $250.

Birds in the Garden Zen Birds of Paradise in a fan of Rattlesnake Calathea. Mums in the foreground among ruskus for a tall statement piece. $95.

 Bombay Zen Bombay Dendrobium orchids, a variety of mums and dramatic leaves. $75.

Zen, the arrangemnet for High style, architectural  floral design - it's our little black dress.

Zen, the arrangement.

Amethyst Zen For those that dearly love purple, a spectrum from deep to medium purple flowers. Call for availability, but order in advance to insure we have plenty of the colors we need. $75.

Zen of Flight  Birds of Paradise dominate this arrangement for a large display in a black cube. Seasonal substitutions may apply for forsythia branches are available in the Spring only. $125.